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Monday Motivation - Small Steps

A race training plan, especially a marathon training plan, is made up of several different training periods. Each period corresponds to your ultimate goal. Remember, that each workout is in your plan for a reason; it's there to make you a stronger runner up the hills or understand how to push through fatigue.

In order to reach your runnng goals, it's important to remember that each workout is a step towards that goal. You'll accomplish great and lofty goals by doing the work (the small, yet tough, workouts).

Monday Motivation - Expect Great Things


Over the past 10 weeks of training for a half-marathon PR (personal record), there have been many times when I didn't think I could run the goal times listed in my training plan. I literally had to talk to myself and tell myself that I can run those track repeat times and that I can do the tempo times listed. Hitting those times were tough my first four weeks and many times, I didn't hit them. I kept going and have seen in my recent runs how that determination has paid off. I'm running 9-10 mile runs faster than ever. Throughout my training, I believed in the process and, more importantly, I believed in myself. Begin your training expecting great things of yourself and then go out and achieve them.

Start Where You Are


You have to begin training based on where you are at today, not where you were 3 months ago or based on an older personal best time. It can be difficult to start back up when you are use to performing at an optimal level. When I started training for my October half-marathon, I wanted my tempo and track times to be the same times I had been running in March and April. My legs didn't agree with me! They knew it was too much, too soon. Over the past 8 weeks, I've built back up to my fast tempo times and my previous track times. I love this motivational quote because it reminds me, in the moment, to use what I have and do what I can. It's not always smooth going or happy sailing as you are building back up and training for a race, but recognizing where your fitness level is and drawing on your past will get you the results you want because you are doing it safely.

Motivational Monday


There are times when I look at my half-marathon training plan and I think "how can I possibly run those times". It's easy to talk yourself out of a fast run or a track workout because of the fear of not being able to hit a specific time or pace. However, as I've learned over the past few weeks of running fast, sustained runs, you'll never know what you are capable of doing if you don't attempt. There have been days were I didn't hit my pace and it's okay because I attempted, I got out there, I ran and I learned. The runs that don't quite measure up are the ones with the greatest learning potential - what was your sleep like the night before, what did you eat, was it a different course or terrain? Use those runs as building blocks and remember, never let the fear of not hitting a pace stop you from attempting the run.


One of the first things we ask of new clients is to define their goals - running and health. We ask them to write down their short term and long term goals. The reason for this is to reinforce positive thinking and create a focus for their training. This motivational quote is one of our favorites because it reminds us that we are in control of acheiving what we want in running, health and life. Write down what you want, believe it and then go after it!

Just Keep Going


I read this motivational quote this weekend and it resonated with me as I'm getting back into race training mode after a brief hiatus. I'm in my second week of 1:34 half marathon training and I'm reminded that I can't just jump back to the pace I was running this spring. Instead of pushing myself to hit those times (causing possible injury), I've backed off a bit to run a slower pace, be consisent and do all of the workouts. I know I will get to my required tempo pace or my 800 split times. I'm going to keep at it and know I'll get better. We're not meant to be perfect or the best at everything all the time. Even the best in the world require practice, coaching and support. I've got my coach (Jessica) to help me adjust and talk through my plan - yup, even coaches need some coaching every now and again! :)

So, today's motivation - just keep going!

happy running!

Not setting limitations

Set big, grand goals. Visualize the life you want and then start making it happen. Set 6 month goals, 1 year, 5 year and 10 year goals. Your BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) isn't going to happen overnight - it might take 10 years - however, it's living the life you've always wanted better than living a life you aren't passionate about? Today's motivational quote reminds us that we are our own enemy in terms of success. Stop saying "can't", "shouldn't" or "impossible". Switch your vocabulary and you'll switch your way of thinking. You can achieve what you want in life.