marathon training plan

Marathon Training - Week 7


I'm almost half way through training and feeling strong. I did my leg strength work 2 times this week and it's making a difference. My hamstrings are still sore but not like before and they recover much faster.

I had to shift my training days (once again) because of a 3 day trip. I did a fun, fast 7 miler on Monday morning along the waterfront and a 9 miler on Thursday morning. My 9 miler included 2x1 mile repeats and coffee with Jessica and Lucia.

On Friday, I did an easy 4 mile run and then timed Jessica and Marie in the Dual Duel - a crazy, fun 10 mile race on a track. Each team member runs 5 miles but in 400 meter increments. I ran it last year and loved it. Of course, you hate it on laps 13-16 but it's amazing to do and you come out feeing strong. I couldn't find a partner so I said I'd time it.

On Saturday, I went to Multonmah Falls and hiked to the top. It was a pretty steep hike but worth it for the views. Jessica, Marie and I met on Sunday morning for our long runs. We ran in Forest Park and focused on minutes run instead of miles. Marie reminded us that 15 miles in Forest Park on the trails is very different than 15 miles on the road. Her approach is to focus on minutes so that you are getting the same amount of time on your feet (as opposed to more when running trails). We did a fun route that I hadn't ever done before. Those girls are fast and they pushed me which was great. I ran for 2.5 hours and needed a nap!


Motivation Monday - week 2 of marathon training


Week 2 brought changes and the realization that my body really, really needs an easy, warmup mile before attempting to run fast. After a really crappy 10 mile run on Saturday and an easy 3 on Sunday, I was totally refreshed and ready to go Monday am. I felt great running the waterfront loop. It's a 5.5 mile loop that sometimes can feel like forever. This past week, it was the perfect temperature and my running partner and I just talked and talked the whole time.

Tuesday was an early morning spin class because I had an event after work. On Wednesday, Jessica and I met for a sustained hard effort run. I don't want to say tempo because I'm not at the point where I can run a sustained tempo pace. I wanted to run 7:20-7:30s for 20 minutes. However, I started off with Jessica and allowed her to set the pace. Full disclosure - she is faster than me. I did the complete opposite of what I wanted to run - running faster and then having to slow down. I prefer to get faster each mile or sustain. After the warmup, I did a 7:07 and then a 7:30 mile. It was rough - I would have prefered to run the opposite times but lesson learned.

Thursday was my strength training day. Friday was my rest day. On Saturday, I tackled the Terwilliger hill for my 12 miles. I'm definitely a long run person because the first two miles felt terrible! I actually felt better running uphill on the 3rd mile. I stopped and took a picture at the top, got water, refueled and prepared for the downhill. Sunday was an easy 4 miler.

One of my favorite aspects of running in Portland is the fact that there are water fountains everywhere. Terwilliger is popular route for runners, hikers and cyclists. It's a great route with sidewalks, bike lanes and water fountains. I was disappointed to see runners littering. It's not hard to put the empty wrappers back in your pockets or run over to the garbage can that was about 100 feet away. Respect where you run and pick up after yourselves. Of course, I know that none of our friends or clients would litter :)

Fall Marathon Training

Fall Marathon Training Plan Special

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  3. NYC Marathon: July 14

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Monday Motivation - Training Inspiration


After a marathon hiatus, I'm ready to train for one again. I start my base training phase today, in preparation for a fall marathon. Over the weekend, as I created my goals and plans, I was looking back at my old training plans for inspiration. I kept detailed notes during my 2010 marathon PR and my not so stellar 2012 marathon. I needed to look back to understand key learnings and to figure out what worked and what didn't work.

I realized that I incorporated a lot more cross training workouts in 2010 and that I was much more diligent at doing very specific workouts - namely, speed work and tempo runs in 2010. Thus, I'm concentrating on tempo runs over the next 7 weeks in order to prepare myself for the faster runs my marathon training is going to require. I wish I could just jump back into the workouts and crush those 800 meter repeats like I use to but my body isn't there. I'm stronger and can do more pushups than I could do in 2010 but I haven't practiced turning over my legs so that's my base training focus.

It's easy to write it down and say I'm going to do it; it's the actual doing that is the hard part :) So, to keep me inspired, I wrote out my goal and put it on my fridgerator. I printed out pictures of me during the NYC marathon and I recruited friends to run with me on different days - they will hold me accountable!

Additionally, my Dad is a source of inspiration. At 70 yrs old, he started running and committed to running 3 miles last summer. He did it and I couldn't have been prouder. This picture sums up how great he felt and sums up how great I want to feel after PRing in my fall marathon!

If you need help coming up with a plan or need inspiration - contact us. We have a great marathon special going on right now - $249 for a 16 week personalized training plan.


Monday Motivation - Small Steps

A race training plan, especially a marathon training plan, is made up of several different training periods. Each period corresponds to your ultimate goal. Remember, that each workout is in your plan for a reason; it's there to make you a stronger runner up the hills or understand how to push through fatigue.

In order to reach your runnng goals, it's important to remember that each workout is a step towards that goal. You'll accomplish great and lofty goals by doing the work (the small, yet tough, workouts).