Fall Marathon Training

Fall Marathon Training Plan Special

Train for a fall marathon with a customized, flexible training program offering continuous updates based on actual progress and training preferences plus unlimited feedback and support from a coach. The best marathon training plans are the ones that are customized to you, your fitness and your goals. 

 Training begins:

  1. Portland Marathon: June 16
  2. Chicago Marathon: June 23 
  3. NYC Marathon: July 14

SPECIAL PRICE: $249 for 16 weeks 

Training for a marathon is a long-term, physically and mentally challenging commitment. The first goal of any marathon training is to make it to the start of race day. In other words, train smart!

Sign up for our Marathon Training Plan to learn what it means to train smart, AND, more importantly, enjoy the benefits of it as you cross the finish line. Get the most of out your marathon experience working with your own personal running coach dedicated to your goals, training preferences and providing ongoing support. Your training plan includes:

  1. FLEXIBLE, FULLY CUSTOMIZED WEEKLY TRAINING SCHEDULES including detailed running workouts, cross training suggestions and strength training routines with customized pacing, distance and scheduling.
  2. UNLIMITED ACCESS to your running coach throughout the entire training plan. Email your coach any day of the week to receive performance feedback and modifications for things like missed workouts, revised pacing guidelines, injury concerns or mid-training vacations.
  3. TRAINING SUPPLEMENTS with detailed information about workouts, nutrition, goal setting, strength and stretching.  

Who is this training for? First time marathoners, marathon veterans ready to run a personal best, the injury-prone runner, any runner interested in expanding your knowledge about various training strategies and how they apply specifically towards improving your performance and overall training experience.



How do I sign up? Pay? Click here to pay and then fill out our New Client Registration Form. Contact us with any questions at 646.535.0307 or info@hotbirdrunning.com.