Just Keep Going


I read this motivational quote this weekend and it resonated with me as I'm getting back into race training mode after a brief hiatus. I'm in my second week of 1:34 half marathon training and I'm reminded that I can't just jump back to the pace I was running this spring. Instead of pushing myself to hit those times (causing possible injury), I've backed off a bit to run a slower pace, be consisent and do all of the workouts. I know I will get to my required tempo pace or my 800 split times. I'm going to keep at it and know I'll get better. We're not meant to be perfect or the best at everything all the time. Even the best in the world require practice, coaching and support. I've got my coach (Jessica) to help me adjust and talk through my plan - yup, even coaches need some coaching every now and again! :)

So, today's motivation - just keep going!

happy running!