Dear Kate

A few of our favorite things

Happy Valentines Day! We hope you show yourself some love with a fun workout or a planned rest day. And we hope you are surrounding yourself with people and things you love.

We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite things for running.

  • adidas Energy Boost sneakers - comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. You'll want to keep running in these sneaks.
  • adidas Supernova bra - finally, a sports bra that holds you in place and looks cute. This bra shapes you while doing it's job of locking all moving parts down.
  • Trader Joes Chunky No Salt or Justin's Almond butter and English muffins - a great pre and post running snack.
  • lululemon Cool Racerback - so many colors! Great for layering and the perfectspring and fall running top.
  • lululemon Scuba Hoodie - just what you want to wear after a long run or when curling up on the couch.
  • Dear Kate underwear - doesn't move, no chafing, comfortable and sweat wicking.
  • Nuun tablets - easy way to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes post run. We like the lemon-lime flavor.
  • Map My Run - great for finding routes in new places and creating routes to share with friends
  • The BOB - Jessica and Lucia both love The BOB. It's a comfy ride for Lucia and lightweight for Jessica. It's a must for your Stroller Stride class.


Dear Kate's Ultimate Thong for Every Runner Mom

By Jessica Green

The Hazel Sport Thong by Dear Kate is the ultimate thong for every runner mom (and every lady runner for that matter!).  Dear Kate is a company specializing in “a new kind of underwear with a built-in breathable liner that protects like a pantiliner.”  What I found is that not only is it breathable and protective against minor postnatal drips, but it’s extremely comfortable, fashionable and holds up on long runs. Other sport thongs end up soaking wet, bunched up, saggy and barely staying on after 10+ mile run. Not my Hazel Sport Thong!

After giving birth to a baby girl in August, I spent a lot of time making sure incontinence was not going to be an issue for me when I was ready to return to the world of running. Despite my efforts, five months after giving birth there’s still the occasional minor drip during a walk break or as I get more fatigued on the longer runs or if I forget to use the restroom before I start my run. Although it’s not a major issue, I didn’t love the way my sport thongs were holding up throughout all of this. Then a pair of Dear Kates arrived in my underwear drawer – the Hazel Sport Thong in black with green lining (see below) – and I am a new person!


I fell for my Hazels as soon I opened up the box and the card said “Hey, Gorgeous” fell out.  Everyone loves to be called gorgeous especially when about to try on a thong.

Next up was the material. When I took the thong out of the box, it felt super soft, but a little thicker than you might imagine a sport undie feeling. After a single wear, I realized the thickness was a benefit rather than a negative. Somehow Dear Kate managed to make it breathable yet protective – and comfortable! The material really does “wick” away moisture enough to hold up on long runs and leave those drips unnoticed by me or anyone else.

The fit is true to size and extremely comfortable as well as flattering. They are the kind of undies you want to prance around in before you put on your running tights and after you take them off.  The girl in the ad online actually makes sense! 

The cost of a pair of Hazel Sports is $32, which might be more than you are used to paying for your underwear, but let me tell you that every penny is worth it.  To help get your Dear Kate collection started (because it’s impossible to have just one!), Dear Kate is offering 25% off your first order until February 9th with the code “hotbird” at