Run Happy

Running makes us happy. We ensure that we run happy because we’ve learned to adjust our runs to what is happening in our life. We’ve found that running helps us return to balance and find our happiness.

  • Overly stressed? Slow down and enjoy the view.
  • A little angry? Crank out a race-pace run.
  • Sad? Just get out there and run (or walk) for 20 minutes – your mood will change!

How do we run happy? Simple, we enjoy it and adjust our runs when necessary. We push ourselves during those 3-mile track workouts because, while not always fun, these workouts instill strength that brings a smile to our faces. However, we take time to enjoy runs as well. Jessica and I make it a point to have a friend run every now and again, where we don’t talk business; we simply catch up on our lives. We walk when we want and we try different routes. We aren’t afraid to run by ourselves and ask for a solo run every now again.

Our five ways to run happy:

  1. Look up and enjoy the view.
  2. Run with a friend.
  3. Slow down or speed up! Adjust your runs and expectation.
  4. Download new music.
  5. Pick a different route.