How to Pick up a Girl at the Gym

A few weeks ago, Men's Fitness asked us for our top advice on how men can pick up a cute girl at the gym without seeeming creepy or annoying. Our immediate reaction was definitely, "Impossible! No one wants to be bothered during their workout!"  After giving it more thought we decided the gym is actually a realistic place to meet someone - and someone with the same interests as you - but make sure you choose your approach wisely.

One piece of advice we gave for the article is to wait until she finishes her workout and compliment her outfit.  If she's wearing a race t-shirt, ask her if she did the race and what she thought about it.

Find out what else we and other top fitness professionals suggest you say/do if you want to meet someone in your fitness class or at your gym in The Right Way to Pick Her Up at the Gym on  Ladies, it works for men too!