Interview with a Runner

Corey Dergazarian is our featured runner of the week. We've known her for about 3 years and have seen her go from running 1 mile to knocking out a 3 mile run at 8:30 pace easily over 3-4 months. We like to say that she was our first success story! She lives in Prospect Heights with her husband, 4 1/2 month old son and energetic dog (Ella). She's lived all over the country and abroad and is happy to now call Brooklyn home!  

How do you know us - Hot Bird Running?
I met Jessica and Meghan about 3 years ago when I attended a Wednesday night run club at lululemon Brooklyn - where Meghan led weekly runs through Prospect Park. My husband and I had recently moved to the neighborhood; I hadn't run in a while and didn't know many people in the 'hood I figured, hey, I love to run and runners are fun and friendly people, right? why not give it a try. I am SO glad I did and was hooked from the start. Since then, I have gone on countless runs with Jessica and Meghan, attended several of their Hot Bird group training sessions and had a laugh kicking butt in the NY Ragnar Relay upstate with Jessica two years ago. The Hot Bird Running ladies are my go-to running experts!  

What are your current running goals? Are you training for anything?
I am a new mom to a beautiful 4 1/2 month old boy and am focused on slowly getting back into running and strengthening my (now-floppy) mommy muscles. I ran during my pregnancy last year until about the middle of my second trimester, but when I started experiencing back pain I decided it best to stop running and switched my focus to weekly prenatal yoga. I recently began running again after a now almost 8 month break and wow does it feel great! I have always wanted to run a half marathon - perhaps this will be my year!? 

Who or what inspires you to run?  
I have loved to run for as long as I can remember (...that and I really, really dislike the gym). I'm not a competitive runner and enjoy taking a non-structured approach to my workouts. I run because it's my 'me' time, even if I'm running with someone else or in a group. Nothing beats being outside with the wind in my hair, sweat dripping down my face and feeling carefree. Running clears my head and gives me time to digest my thoughts and decompress from busy city life. I'm inspired to keep going because that feeling of calm and refreshment I have after a good hard run can't be beat! 

What is your favorite running route? Or favorite place to run?  
My favorite place to run is through Prospect Park. Away from crowded city streets, winding through the many trails and paths in the park never gets boring! I also adore running along the beachfront when I'm visiting my in-laws in the south of France.  

Who is your favorite person to run with and why?  
My favorite running partner is my dog Ella. The minute I get my running shoes out and grab her leash she dances around until we're out the door! I am really excited to take my son out on runs in a couple of months when he is old enough for his jogging stroller - I hope he'll enjoy the journey as much as I do. 

What is the best piece of running advice you ever received and who was it from  
The best running advice I ever got was from the Hot Birds - to always have fun! When I'm out on a run and feeling tired or unmotivated, I remind myself it's not about my pace per minute, how far I go or if I'm running hard enough. I'm out there running and that's what counts. I just get my shoes laced up and go for it!   

What is your favorite running gear/piece of clothing?
I would be lost without my Champion Powerback sports bra (...even more critical now since I'm a breastfeeding mom!)