Dyanmic vs Static Stretching

I haven't conducted a scientific research study on the benefits of static vs dynamic stretching; instead, my findings come from personal experience. Based on my last year of training, I prefer and recommend dynamic stretching.

Dynamic stretching is stretching while moving parts of your body while gradually increasing reach, speed of movement or both (think butt kicks or knee raises while running). These movements do not exceed one's range of motion. Dynamic stretching is controlled arm and/or leg swings while ballistic stretching involves forcing body parts beyond their range of motion.
Great video from Runners World

Arms circles, exaggerating a kicking action and walking lunges (without weights) are examples of dynamic stretches. A walking lunge dynamically stretches the hip flexors by emphasizing hip extension and can reduce muscle tightness around the hip joint necessary for competition.

Dynamic stretching is useful before competition and has been shown to reduce muscle tightness post workouts. Static stretching and foam rolling are great post workout activities. Make sure you don't overstretch. For example, if your legs are tight, bend your knees as you perform a standing forward bend. Let your muscles ease into the stretch.

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