how to make valentine's day a bit healthier

Healthy Holiday Celebrations

by Caitlin Grams

Valentine's Day, like so many other holidays, can quickly get out of hand with sweets and indulgent treats. This year, try something different. No matter if you're celebrating with someone special (a spouse or partner) or with family or friends, here are a few ideas on how to make this Valentine's day a bit healthier:
  • Take your valentine for a run or organize a group run with friends. Better yet, find a themed race and dress up! 
  • Try a new fitness class together - do something different. 
  • Plan an active outing - go hiking, rock climbing, skiing or snowshoeing. 
  • Cook a healthy, hands-on meal at home. Not only will you save time, money and avoid crowded restaurants, but you'll have a blast trying your hand at a new meal together and can control everything that goes into it, making sure it's full of fresh ingredients. 
  • Instead of traditional chocolates and candy, melt dark chocolate and make your own fondue by cutting up pieces of fresh fruit to dip in it. 
Happy Valentine's Day!