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Hot Bird Running is Jessica Green and Meghan Reynolds. They met way back in the late 90s at Hamilton College where Jessica was a college soccer superstar and Meghan ran for fun. Fast forward 1o years later and they bump into each other during a run in Brooklyn. They begin running together and since Meghan is training for a marathon and Jessica is doing all the runs with her, she decides to train for one as well. They dutifully set off each Saturday between July and November for their long runs. Meghan training for the 2010 NYC Marathon and Jessica training for the Richmond Marathon.

Growing bored of the same routes, they decided to explore more running options in Brooklyn. They incorporated the Williamsburg Bridge, the Greenwood Cemetery, running along the water in Dumbo and Fort Green and finally, Vanderbilt Ave. Vandy gave them the needed uphill and then the very needed downhill at times.

It was along Vanderbilt one early Saturday morning, when both were beat up and weary after 15ish miles in the scorching sun when they saw the Hot Bird mirage: the old bright yellow Hot Bird, New York's Best Chicken & Ribs 4 Blocks Back, advertisement painted on the side of a building for a BBQ joint that closed back in the early 1990s. It provided endless conversation and stories. It became a goal: get to Hot Bird and we’ll get water, get to Hot Bird and we’ll refuel, etc.

Hot Bird helped them get through their long runs and accomplish both of their goal marathon times. It only seemed natural to name their run coach business in honor of the Hot Bird Bar-B-Q sign!



Jessica Green, a USATF Certified Running Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and lululemon ambassador, is an outdoor enthusiast and believes in the unlimited power of outdoor activities to improve one’s life.  Jessica developed a passion for running, especially the trails behind her house in Portland, Oregon, at a very early age.  As multi-sport athlete throughout childhood, high school and college, Jessica started running as a way to train for soccer, downhill skiing and tennis.

After earning all-league honors on her high school soccer team and winning three Oregon State titles and three berths in the Far West Regionals with her club soccer team Jessica went on to play soccer at Hamilton College. She started all four years at Hamilton, was team captain team junior and senior year and earned all-tournament and first team all-league honors. At the culmination of her senior soccer season in 2001, Jessica replaced soccer with running every day. 

During her second year in law school in 2006, she successfully completed the Seattle Marathon with a top ten finish in her age group, a Boston Marathon qualifying time and, most importantly, a deeper love and understanding of running. Since 2006, Jessica completed several more races all over the country from 5ks, Hood-to-Coast Relay Races to full marathons.  Her career best of 3:22 earned her a 4th place finish in her age group in the 2010 Richmond Suntrust Marathon. She ran her first half marathon in the 2011 NYC Half-Marathon with a time of 1:35.

Jessica’s coaching philosophy focuses on a comprehensive approach towards designing and implementing customized goals and training plans that not only achieve your personal fitness goals but also inspire you and prevent injuries throughout the entire process.  Her experience coaching athletes of all abilities in addition to a multi-disciplinary background in sports ensure a truly personalized and successful experience for each individual. 


Meghan Reynolds, a USATF Certified Running Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor, is a runner, a yogi and a fitness enthusiast. Her love of adventure started when she was 9 months old, climbing the kitchen counters. She's hasn't slowed down since- playing sports all through childhood and high school and traveling the world after college.

After working in the business world for years, Meghan found herself at lululemon athletica and loving the lifestyle. She quickly came to realize that loving your job can be a reality. Having always coached and helped her friends realize their fitness/health goals, she decided to make it a full time job.

She has run 11 marathons, numerous half marathons and sprint triathlons. In addition to coaching runners, Meghan is a yoga instructor. She received her 200-hour level certification in 2004. Her yoga teachings focus on alignment and creating space in the body, which she finds vital for runners and athletes whose repetitive motions create blocks and stress in the body.

Meghan credits her running accomplishments over the last 6 years to her dedication to cross-training, yoga and allowing herself and her body to recover properly after her rigorous running schedules. As a coach, Meghan uses her extensive background in endurance sports, yoga and cross-training activities to create fun and balanced training programs enabling runners to achieve their personal goals. Find her on Twitter and Google+


Caitlin Grams, a certified Nutrition Coach and RRCA certified running coach, can't make up her mind and that is just fine by her. She loves running and spinning, yoga and hiking, trails and road races, kale and frozen yogurt, green juice and beer. There's just too much good out there not to take it all in.

A Seattle native, she played team sports all her life and turned to running in college to lose weight. In 2008 she signed up for a 5k and then a half marathon at the urging of a friend and discovered a love for running and racing - and with that came a love for setting goals and pushing her own limits.

Caitlin started training with the Hot Birds in New York in 2011 for her second fall marathon and PR'ed, cutting 12 minutes off her time. Continuing to train with them for her 7th half marathon the following spring, she cut 11 minutes off her previous best half, finishing in 1:53. She has completed two marathons, 9 half marathons, dozens of 5 and 10ks and an Olympic Triathlon.

After maintaining a 50 pound weight loss for almost 5 years, Caitlin starting writing about her approach to health and coaching family and friends to achieve their own heath and fitness goals in her blog, Caitlin Lives Well. She studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a certified Nutrition Coach. Her varied fitness background and holistic approach to food allows her to coach with a focus on weight loss and nutrition for endurance athletes.

Caitlin recently returned to the West Coast and lives in Los Angeles, California, where she's running on the beach and setting big goals.


Rebecca "Bex" Burkett is a USATF Certified Running Coach. Growing up as a sporadic soccer player in Los Angeles, Bex didn't find her athletic niche until 2004. Having just moved to NYC, Bex decided to train for her first marathon and cross something off her bucket list. Since then, she hasn't stopped, running 8 marathons, countless half-marathons and shorter distance races, and most recently, a 50 mile ultramarathon. She has also participated in 2 long distance relay races and in an adventure race. In addition to running, Bex practices yoga, takes Crossfit and spin classes, swims, and rock climbs. She is always up for trying something new, it's what keeps workouts fun and interesting!

In 2011, Bex decided to take her love of running to the next level. Like Meghan, she worked at lululemon athletica. There she was encouraged to set goals and follow her dreams. After being in charge of their run club, she decided to get her coaching certification, so she could help others achieve their fitness goals.

Bex is currently getting her MSW at Columbia University. Upon graduating, she hopes to take a holistic approach to mental health, integrating health, wellness, and fitness with her therapeutic practice. She loves learning about people and helping them become their best selves.


Ashlee Willaman is an 8-time marathoner, ultramarathoner, RRCA Certified Run Coach and Yogaworks 500-hour certified teacher specializing in Yoga for Runners and Athletes. Having been a runner and yogi since her teenage years, she knows the importance of restoring balance to the body in order to recover faster, avoid injuries and train harder. Her classes and private sessions focus on alignment and practicing awareness of the body in real practical terms. She finds that yoga and running have a lot of crossover. The deep breathing and quieting of the mind practiced in yoga can be very helpful in the last miles of a marathon.

She teaches yoga at various locations throughout NYC and is also on the coaching staff as a running coach and yoga instructor for Team Continuum, a charity that provides immediate and vital non-medical assistance to cancer patients and their families when the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives. Ashlee is a founding partner of Samamkaya, the only cooperatively owned and run yoga studio dedicated exclusively to back care & scoliosis where she teaches yoga for athletes with a focus on back care and dealing with athletic injuries.