how to foam roll your quads

Recovery tip - foam roll

Stretching and foam rolling are important post run activities that will help keep you running and prevent injuries.

Here's how to foam roll your quads, IT band and hamstrings:

Start in a forearm plank position and position the foam roller towards the top of your quad underneath your hip. You want to let the quad sink into the foam roller and then roll down one inch. Stop and rock left to right, then roll down one more inch and again rock left to right. Repeat this pattern all the way down to just above your kneecap.

Next, roll out your IT band. Again, start up by the hip, roll down an inch and then rock left to right. Repeat that action all the way down the outside of your leg until you are just above the kneecap.

Next, move onto your hamstrings, the muscles on the back of your leg. You want to sit so that the foam roller is directly underneath your gluteal muscles and then move the foam roller down an inch and rock left to right. Do this all the way to just above the knee crease.

Keep your legs fresh and happy as you ramp up the miles this spring. Watch the video on how to do this type of foam rolling technique:

How to Foam Roll your Quads

We love using our Trigger Point Grid foam roller after a long run to loosen up our quads and reduce soreness. Use your body weight to add more pressure or get a little arm workout in and hold yourself up to reduce the pressure on the roller.

Start at your hips, where the quads attach. Roll down 1-2 inches and then slowly move your body and leg left to right. Roll down another inch and repeat. Stop just below the knee cap (about 1 inch above). Rocking the body from left to right helps break up any knots that form while exercising.

Foam rolling helps lengthen your muscles and restore them. Foam rolling is safe for a pre-workout as well if you are tight.