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Meet Coach Ashlee

Hot Bird Running has a new coach in New York City! Meet Ashlee Willaman, a runner, yogi and an awesome running coach. Ashlee is the owner of Run Like a Yogi, a yoga/running company. She incorporates yoga into training programs, providing athletes with more body/mind awareness. We are thrilled to have her as part of the Hot Bird team.

Why do you like working with runners?
I like working with runners because they are committed and will do just about anything to get stronger/faster. If I tell a client why a certain stretch or exercise is beneficial to them as an athlete, they do it and carry the awareness with them whether they're running or doing yoga or just walking down the street.

If you could tell a runner one piece of advice, what would it be?
Restoring and resting should be a valued component in any training program!

What is your go-to fitness activity (other than running) and why? 
Yoga because it restores balance to my body. Yoga points out muscular imbalances so that I can correct them before they become injuries. Yoga teaches me to perceive what I'm doing and do it at the same time, rather that push through everything regardless of what my body is telling me.

What is your favorite post workout meal?
Basically anything with peanut butter on it.

When did you start running?
I first started to run in high school on the Cross Country team. As a dancer, I had never been a part of any organized sport until a friend suggested that I try Cross Country. I loved it immediately. I was part of a team, but also alone running through the woods, pushing myself to improve. I loved it.

Favorite place to run?
Through the woods or the trails in Central Park.

Favorite running workout?
I love a long run because of what it does for me mentally. It's a lot like meditation and you have to find this perfect balance of being aware of what your body is doing, but not too aware otherwise your brain will veto it because it's hard!