best workouts for brides

A Little Monday Motivation

We love this quote because it's so applicable to running and it's a manta we repeat many times to ourselves. We are capable of a lot more than our mind tells us or convinces us is possible. Next time you are out for a run and your mind tells you to stop, push through and give a little more. If it's your body telling you to stop, i.e., a bad/nervy pain somewhere, stop. However, most of us don't push through the discomfort because we convince ourselves that it doesn't matter. You are capable of a lot more than you think and the greatest highs can come from pushing through discomfort. Give a little more on your next run or workout.


Best Workouts for the Bride

If you are embarking on a fitness and diet routine to tone up and look good on your big day, add running into your plan. Running burns the most calories AND it's a great way to releive stress (we know there's a bit of that leading up to a wedding!)

If you want an easy and effective way to tone up and slim down, run with us. Our private training sessions pack in both cardio and strength training. All of our sessions are catered to your goals - think skinny, toned arms, stamina for the dance floor and awesome looking legs! Think of our sessions as a wedding bootcamp.

New York Magazine named us one of the best workouts for brides. Check us out!