Prospect Park

Best Relay Race in NYC

Ahhh, The Battle of Brooklyn. What's not to love about running in a local, light-hearted, relay race with a couple of buddies on a Sunday morning. Run HARD for one loop around Prospect Park, cheer on two of your friends while they do the same and then grab breakfast and a mimosa after a job well done. You can also elect to run three loops on your own, if that's what you prefer. Personally, I love the chance to run hard, cheer hard and then celebrate together. Either way, don't miss out on my favorite summer event in Prospect Park - this just arrived in my inbox this morning:

Tip of the Week - Run a race with a friend

Yesterday, Jessica and I ran the Battle of Brooklyn race in Prospect Park with a friend and client. What we love about this race is 1) it's local and 2) you can run it as individual (10 miles) or as a 3 person relay (3.3 miles each). If you read our blog or know us, you know that we love our relay races because it transforms a solitary sport a team sport.

All 3 of us had different goals and reasons for running the race. Despite our varied reasons, we were able to run together, run well and have fun. So, our tip of the week is to find a 5k or 10k and a few friends to run it with you. Make a morning of it by having breakfast together and going to a yoga class to stretch out your muscles.

Have you run a race with friends? Comment below and tell us which race.