Treadmill Workout for Snow Days

Are you snowed in this weekend? Well, that's no excuse to miss your interval running workout. We've got a simple treadmill workout for all you runners training for a half marathon this spring (we're looking at you, NYC Half runners!) Even if you don't have a gym, find a friend with a gym in their building, or look for gyms that give you a free pass. In may cities, Classpass now offers gym access.

This treadmill interval workout is pretty simple and we've got 2 versions: 1) for the newbie runner who wants some speed and 2) for the more seasoned runner. Start off with a warm up of 1 minute of walking and 9 minutes at your easy pace at 0.5 incline. You should be able to talk easily. Then, run the following ladder:


  • 5 minutes at tempo pace (this is a hard, yet sustainable pace)
  • 4 minutes at 2 mph faster
  • 3 minutes at 2 mph faster
  • 2 minutes at 1 mph faster 
  • 1 minute at 1 mph faster


  • 5 minutes at 1200 pace
  • 4 minutes at 800 pace
  • 3 minutes at 600 pace
  • 2 minutes at 400 pace
  • 1 minute at fastest pace

Recover for 2 minutes between each set. Cool down with at least 5 minutes of easy pace running. Stretch and get back to watching the snow fall. Here's a handy guide to treadmill pace conversion. Remember, to run with at least 0.5% incline to simulate outside running. Make a fun playlist and crank it out. Snow days make you stronger.