Altitude, humidity, wind...

Are just some of the elements that Mother Nature throws our way to make sure we aren't sleeping during our training! Those elements can make a run much more challenging yet so much more rewarding, if you are prepared.

Living and running in NYC we are faced with the heat, humidity, wind and pedestrian traffic. We get use to them and learn to adapt. We know where all the water fountains are in the city; we bring money and our metro cards, just in case; we slow down when the humidity is out of control; we zig zag to avoid the brutal crush of the wind as it funnels down streets; we learn to relish the lateral movement workout that pedestrian traffic offers up. Also, we know where the inclines, "hills", are and how to avoid them.

For the past week, I have been in Park City, Utah and thus, I have had to adapt to new elements: altitude (7,000 feet), trails, wind and a lot more hills! Instead of trying to pound out the miles my training program dictates, I'm adapting to the elements. I'm not able to run as far because the altitude catches up with me, the wind seems to hit me from all sides and I can't avoid hils. So, I have thrown my training miles to the wind and am enjoying the incredible views of snow capped mountains at a more leisurely pace, even a walk sometimes.

When battling new elements, slow down, breath deeply, stay hydrated and take in your new surroundings instead of fighting them.