Cross Training

Cross training has many benefits for runners: it aids recovery, forces us to use our muscles differently (and balances out our muscle groups), prevents injury, and is a fun alternative to the weekly grind. Both Jessica and I have incorporated a lot of cross training into our marathon training schedules. It looks different for both of us because our bodies and recovery times are different. Meghan does yoga, spin, cardio classes and strength training. Jessica does strength training and sculpting/bootcamp classes. Our cross training choices reflect our needs and likes. So, pick activities that you like and do them 1-2x a week.

Our clients will see cross training in their schedules and probably think they need to run more; not necessarily so. Cross training is any other form of exercise other than running. Swimming & biking are the most commonly talked about cross training activities. Yoga and strength training are as well. It's important to do activities that you enjoy and help balance you. If you have weaker core/abdominal strength, integrate yoga or pilates into your routine. If you need to keep moving throughout the week, a spin class or kickboxing class is for you. If you need more recovery time, a slower yoga class or a long walk is for you.

If you need suggestions, please email us. We are happy to help you find the right cross training activity for your running needs!