Gearing up for 2012

2011 was a year of "firsts" in many ways - I ran my first ultra relay, I ran my first overseas marathon and I started my own business. I did not begin the year with these goals in mind; in fact, I did not accomplish my 2011 goals. I had to let them go. That's what I love about goal setting - how having a clear idea of what you want enables you to get so much more. I did not achieve my goal of a 3:18 marathon. I did run in Argentina, had fun and helped a great friend realize her goal of running her first marathon. I realized that my new found goal of starting Hot Bird Running overpowered my desire to run a new PR. My goal shifted, opening new possibilities and opportunities.

I did not forget my original goal - to run a 3:18 marathon. I will run a 3:18 marathon on April 28th in the Eugene Marathon.

Create goals, write them down and follow your path. Your end goal might not look or feel like what you expected however, if the result makes you happy - smile and start a new goal!

Happy New Year!