women's national health week

Hot Bird's Tips for Leading a Healthy Life

To celebrate Women's National Health Week, Jessica, Caitlin and I (Meghan) put together our top tips for leading a healthy life. Being healthy isn't just about eating well and getting exercise; it's about mental health - taking time for yourself, doing what you love and showing love.

The Hot Bird's Top 15 Tips to Leading a Helathy Life.

1. Balance! Listen to your body and give yourself rest days and treats. 
2. Eat breakfast.
3. Challenge yourself - find a new race, a new sport, do something you've never done before - you will surprise yourself. 
4. Surround yourself with people who inspire and push you to be better; get rid of any sources of negativity.
5. Spend your free time doing what you love - hanging out with friends, a massage, the beach and a book.
6. Floss your teeth every morning and night.
7. Make time for the ones you love.
8. Exercise OUTSIDE at least once a week.
9. Always see the glass half full.
10. Don’t be afraid to live outside your comfort zone – that’s where life happens!
11. Get sleep - aim for 8 hrs a night.
12. Unplug one day a week - leave your phone at home and go outside.
13. Buy a blender and start making smoothies (game changer!)
14. Find a running or fitness buddy.
15. Wear sunscreen/sunblock.
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Base Training - Muscle Strength

You’ve spent the last few weeks or so stabilizing your muscles and now you are ready to strengthen them so that you are able to run longer without fatiguing.

Most people think “lean and lanky” when they think of the typical runner’s body. While that might be true, it doesn’t mean weak. The most effective runners are powerhouses because they know that being strong translates to faster, more efficient and more injury resistant. And remember, running is a full-body exercise so you have to be full-body strong – not just your legs.

Below are some of our favorite ways to strengthen and tone. Do each exercise for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat 3x for 1-2 weeks.
Squat to Overhead Raise
Bridge with Tricep Dip
Renegade Row
Dumbell Woodchop