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Tasty Tuesday: 3 Post Workout Smoothies

It's important to refuel your body after a workout. This is even more important in the summer months becuase of the heat and humidity. The more you sweat, the more dehydrated and depleted you become. If you are like us, sometimes food is the last thing on your mind after a hot, humid hour long run. What to do?

We turn to smoothies! They are refreshing, light and an easy way to refuel your body. Plus, summer is a great time to experiement with different fresh fruit. We recommend using fruit that is in season and organic when possible. Below are our 3 favorite post workout smoothies. What are your favorite smoothies? Comment below and let us know!

Banana Smoothie
-1 small banana
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (Meghan likes NeoCell Collagen Sport)
-6oz water
-2 oz of CalNaturale Svelte French Vanilla Protein drink (substitute milk or almond milk)
-4 ice cubes 

Chocolate Smoothie
-1 banana
-4 oz low-fat chocolate almond milk (or regular milk)
-4 oz water 
-1 scoop chocolate protein powder (can substitute vanilla)
-4 ice cubes 

Berry Smoothie
-1 cup frozen mixed berries (we buy Trader Joe's frozen mixed berries)
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder (Trader Joe's Whey Protein Powder or Designer Whey)
-4 oz water
-4-6 oz almond milk 
-4 ice cubes