take a leap of faith

Motivational Monday- Take a Leap!

by Meghan Reynolds

The Hot Birds believe in stepping out of our confort zones in order to experience adventures and understand what you are capable of doing.

We are relocating our headquarters to Portland, Oregon this June. For me, Meghan, this means moving across the country and leaving behind friends, family and the life I've created in NYC. Over the past few months, my emotions have been up and down about the move - I've been happy, sad, overwhelmed, nervous and frustrated when thinking about the move. I kept asking myself, "Am I making the right decision?" "Do I want to live that far away?" It's a lot of work and effort, and sometimes pain, to move and start in a new city.

I decided that the move was best because it will propel Hot Bird Running and at the end of the day, I needed to step outside of my comfort zone.  I'm ready for the change and the chance to find out more about myself. That piece of mind did not happen over night! Here are some steps that I used and practiced to find out which decision was best for me:

  • Practice Non-attachment. I let go of particular results - moving will get me X or will do Y for Hot Bird Running. Instead, I'm moving to experience something new for myself. In other words, let go of your attachment to a certain outcome; instead, focus on the joy of doing whatever you're doing.
  • Practice Acceptance. Moving is stressful, costly and slightly painful. I slowly learned to accept it and almost shrug it off. I accepted the cost to ship my bike because I know I will want it out in Portland. If you're clinging to your comfort zone, you're hanging on to the idea that the world is supposed to be a safe and predictable place, which we all know it isn't! Don't set yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Accept changes and see the possibility it creates.
  • Enjoy the unknown. I took a deep breath and decided to be excited about not knowing what was going to happen next! It's a great feeling to know that I can CREATE what I want in Portland. It's unknown to me and therefore, totally open for opportunity and creation. Enjoy the butterflies, the mixture of anticipation and anxiety that makes your heart flutter and stomach turn at the same time.