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Healthy Eating While Traveling - #TastyTuesday

 by Caitlin Grams

Living a healthy lifestyle can be fairly easily done at home. You are in control of where and when you grocery shop, you can prepare your own meals and know exactly what goes into them, and you are familiar with local restaurants. Traveling can throw you off in more ways than just dealing with jet leg - being in a new city you may be unfamiliar with means that eating well can be a challenge. But summer travel plans shouldn't mean you throw in the towel on maintaining a healthy diet! Here are the Hot Bird's top tips for staying healthy on the road:

*Plan ahead! We can't stress that enough. Bring healthy foods with you  - fresh and dried fruit, jerky, healthy sandwiches or wraps, energy bars, nuts - there are so many options for healthy, portable snacks that don't need to be refrigerated and travel well, especially for long flights or car trips. Being prepared will help you avoid fast food pit stops and unhealthy options available at airports and on planes! 
*Shop at a local grocery store on the road or when you arrive at your destination. Even if you are only going to be traveling a day or two, having healthy snacks or meal options on hand will not only save you money on meals out but you will be prepared and well equipped to eat healthily. I like to seek out the nearest Whole Foods or Trader Joe's when I am in a new place and pick up fruit, veggies and hummus, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and other healthy meal options that I know keep and transport well and don't require more than a hotel fridge or cooler! 
*If you are traveling by car (road trip!), pack a big cooler full of healthy meals and snacks. It's easy to pick up ice at gas stations along the way and your meals will stay fresh. Again, yogurt, hummus and cut up veggies, fruit, healthy sandwiches or wraps and individual packets of almond butter are all your best friend on a long drive! And make sure you bring a large water bottle that you can refill at gas stations or rest stops. 


Here's a favorite homemade trail mix of ours that we bring on every trip - a healthy snack if eaten in proper portions. If you have a favorite of your own, share it with us in the comments section! 

Trail mix:
1 cup raw almonds
1 cup walnuts or raw cashews
1/4 cup dried cranberries, blueberries, raisins or cherries (or a combination of the three)
1/4 cup dark chocolate chunks (or vanilla chips)
Combine all ingredients and enjoy!