shoe buying guide

Talking about shoes

Our clients always ask us about shoes and which ones are the best. We tell them the same thing, it depends on you, your running style, your feet and your body. We go to our local shoe experts in NYC to help us our with fits and our changing needs as runners.

Meghan has long been a fan of Mizuno's running shoes. She's on her third pair and refers to them as her babies. When asked to describe why she likes them, she simple says "because I feel like I'm running on clouds". With that, and with a little push from Mizuno's Mezamashii project, Jessica jumped onboard and got the Wave Elixirs as well. We are now twins in clothing and sneakers with blue and orange Wave Elixirs.

What we like about the shoes:

1) They are extremely light

2) Breathable

3) Cushiony yet light

4) Wide front foot - we have wide feet!

What we'd change

1) The color options

and that's it!