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The Search for the Ultimate Non-Slip Headband for Running

I usually run with a hat because I haven't found a headband that actually stays on my head. I've tried lululemon, Nike and Columbia headbands and inevitably, they all slip off my head or I'm constantly adjusting them. Granted, I have a very steep occiput which causes headbands to slip off my head easily. I, therefore, just default to a hat. However, I received the opportunity to review a MaxFlow Sports headband and I decided to try it because I still hold out the hope I will find a non-slip headband for running. I used the black and white Cross-Grip Hairband for a few runs and found it to work the best...although not perfectly (but does that even exist??)

I put it on about 15 minutes before my 6 mile run and found it too tight to just wear - it's definitely too tight to just wear around. I left the house and within about 3/4ths of a mile, it slipped off my head (so that's after wearing it for about 20 mins). I readjusted and it stayed on for the next 5ish miles. I took it out for a 3 mile run this past weekend and found it to work really well. I put it on right as I was leaving and it stayed put for the next 23 minutes.

Overall, I would recommend the Cross-Grip Hairband to anyone who wants/needs to wear a headband and doesn't mind a tight fit. They are $9.99 and would make a fun stocking stuff for your runner!

To buy the headband, go to MaxFlow Sports.

Happy running!