Running in the Rain

Spring is lurking around the corner which means rainy days are already upon us. Instead of heading into the gym for a cross training day or the treadmill, zip up that rain jacket and show the rain who's boss.  We promise, you won't regret it. Jessica gives us a few reasons to head out despite the weather.

RACE DAY PREPARATION: It's preparation for unexpectated (or expected) race conditions. I'll never forget waking up on the morning of my first marathon and it was snowing! Eventually, the snow turned to heavy rain by the time I arrived at the start - and it never stopped the enitre race. Thank goodness I was prepared! 

EMPTY ROUTES: Chances are you'll get the city or your running route all (or almost all) to yourself.  Heavy rain sends the crowds to the gym and leaves you with your own personal playground.  Enjoy it.

EMPOWERMENT: Battling sloppy weather conditions makes us stronger and empowers us.  Finish a good workout in the rain and you'll feel like a million bucks (or definitely after a warm shower!).

AN EXCUSE FOR GEAR!: It's an excuse to buy flashy and weatherproof running gear. Running gets better in the right gear. Check out this Runner's World article on running jackets for the rain.  Don't forget a hat and gloves if it's cold out there not just wet.  You also might want to designate a pair or two of your running shoes to wet, muddy run days.  

If you're already a rain runner, then we commend you.  If you haven't tried it out, we recommend taking the next rainy day as an opportunity to try something new.  You never know, you just might get hooked!