Shoe Review - Asics GEL-Electro33


Asics provided me with a complimentary pair of the GEL-Electro33. All opinions are my own. 

I love testing out new shoes because clients always ask me what shoes to buy or which shoes are the best for marathons, half-marathons, racing, people who need arch support, people who pronate, etc. I don't really know that much about the different brands, I just know what works for me and why. I encourage clients to find their local running store and talk to the associates. Jessica and I have found our favorite shoes thanks to the good folks at Urban Athletics in New York City. One of their associates worked with us for about an hour to figure out the best shoe for our feet. Asics were always on my list to try on when I was buying new shoes but I never ended up buying them. The biggest reason was because other shoes just felt a bit better. Jessica loves Asics.

So, when Asics contacted me and asked me to test out the new GEL-Electro33, one of the first lightweight, flexible shoes with pronation support, I said yes. We all have our tendencies when we run and mine is pronation. I've worked really hard to improve my foot strike and stride and have very few injuries since changing my foot strike. However, when I'm tired, and especially during a long run, I fall back into my old ways of running. 

I've run in the GEL-Electro33s a few times now; a couple of 3-4 milers and a 7 mile run. They are lightweight and definitely help pronation (it's now something I pay more attention to when I'm in my other shoes). I'm not sure how they do it but it works! The shoe is lightweight and comfortable. I did get a really, really bad blister during my 7 mile run. I've had this problem before with some other shoes as well (from different companies). I haven't had a problem since and they were comfortable as soon as I put them (one of my tests). I was my normal size (half a size up). I would recommend the Asics GEL-Electro33s to people who pronate and want more support.