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Sticking to your 2013 Goals

Setting goals is only the first step to achieving your dreams and living the life you want. Following through and accomplishing them are the next steps. Here are our tips for how to stay motivated and achieve your 2013 goals.

1) Set goals. For example, pick a race and pay for it - now you're committed. Differentiate long-term vs short-term goals. Long-term: I want to lose 10 lbs. Short-term is how do you get there: I run 2x a week for 45 mins, or I do 3 classes a week.

2) Write your goals down on paper and look at them every day.

3) Find a support network. Say your goals out loud. Find someone who supports your goals and will keep you accountable, ie. friend, coach, family.

4) Find a friend/partner in crime to workout with. Meet them for those early morning classes.

5) Keep a record or workout log of what you do so you can see your progress andt track improvements.

6) Have the proper gear. You’ll look good and feel good!

7) Keep it fun and attainable. Meeting a friend for coffee? Run there! Go to a Friday class and then meet your friends out after.

8) Practice moderation. Don't jump into a marathon if you've only run a 5k. Start slow and build up.

9) Reward yourself along the way with rest days, your favorite food or dinner with friends. 

Goals don't have specific shapes or forms or wording. They are yours and there to push you, motivate you, scare you and get you to think bigger and grander than you believe possible.  Create a goal, or two, and share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Make yourself accountable. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror or your bedroom door. Repeat it to yourself. Believe in it and in yourself.

If your goals are fitness related, talk to us. We'd love to help you define it, tackle it and create more! Having goals will motivate you to finish that 8th hill repeat or wake up at 7am on a Sunday to run 18 miles.