chia bean burger

Chia Seeds

The little chia seed has grown beyond the silly afro growing terra cotta figuries into a power packed superfood. Why is chia considered a superfood? Here are some of the health benefits:

And there's even more benefits - they are believed to slow digestion so your energy boost kicks in later in your run or workout (think Born to Run and the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico). This is great news for those of us who train or run for long distances or hours. They are tasteless so you can add them to just about anything! And, because they gel in liquids, you can use them as a replacement for egg or oil in baking. Add them to your smoothies, salads, cereals or make one of our favorite recipes below:

Just don't eat your chia pet! You can pick up chia from Wholefoods or your local health food store.