Shamrock Run

Interview with a Runner

Anna Geiger knows how to work up a sweat in a spin class, a barre3 class or during a dance routine. She claimed she wasn't a runner yet she created the 3 Stripe Sisters running club at adidas and motivated over 75 women to run the Shamrock race this past spring. She started training with the group and now she's set her sights on a half marathon in July. We know she'll rock it!

When did you start running?
I have danced/cheered my whole life and only recently fell in love with running. I started a women's running group at adidas "3-Stripe Sisters" to help train for the Shamrock 8k and have been keeping up since then. The group of girls I work with are phenomenal runners and inspire, challenge and encourage me everyday.

Who or what inspires you to run?
Meghan Reynolds, Natalie Budge & Liz Oldenburg - my 3-Stripe Sisters, those amazing runners I have the privilege of working with everyday at adidas.

What is your favorite running route? Why?
A good loop around the waterfront is my go-to route and always a great choice. I also love to run up Terwilliger in SW Portland. You can't beat the view and it always feels great getting to the top.

Favorite post-run meal?
Banana! I also usually chug a coconut water immediately after.

Best piece of running advice?
Make sure you take a day to rest and let your body recover. AND don't forget to foam roll!

Are you running for fun or sport?
I'm running for fun, to stay in shape, clear my mind and connect with other athletic females in Portland. I'm currently training for my first half marathon.

Who would you love to run with (doesn't have to be a runner)?
My girls. It's always great to catch up over a run and get a great workout in at the same time.

Favorite way to sweat other than run? 
I love to dance. You can find me dancing just about anywhere. It's always a lot of fun and you get a great workout (Anna's the Head Coach at University of Portland Cheer & Dance so she also knows what she's doing!). 

Getting motivated to run

When you are a beginner runner or just starting to run again, finding the motivation to run or train for a race can be challening. We have jobs, kids, relationships, responsibilites and sometimes going out for that run doesn't fit into our busy schedules. One of the easiest ways to start running or training is to begin with run/walk intervals.

Starting off in this manner is highly beneficial because it:

1) Increases cardiovascular stamina, allowing you to exercise for longer than if you were to go out and only run;

2) Builds up your cardio without injury or discouragement;

3) Allows your body, especially your joints, to acclimate to your new endeavor.

How to Begin: Measure your intervals in minutes and figure out what works for you. If you are off the couch, start slowly- an injury will only hamper your progress. Your Run/Walk might be 1/3 (1 minute running and 3 minutes walking). If you are highly active, you might want to try 5/2 or 7/2 intervals. The goal is to exercise for at least 30 minutes. Aim for 3 days of run/walk intervals and 2 days of cross-training.

Effort: During your run intervals aim to be able to talk without feeling winded. If you start to feel like you are losing control of your breathing, slow down. Monitor how your body responds to the effort during training.  Start and finish each workout with a few minutes of fast walking.


  1. Aim for 3 days of run/walk intervals.
  2. Don’t run or run/walk 2 days in a row
  3. Do at least 2 days of cross-training per week – cardio and strength/flexibility
  4. Take 1 day off per week. Active recovery is okay (foam rolling, easy stretching)

Tools:  We recommend buying the Gymboss because it alerts you, via a beep or vibration, when the interval is up. You can set it for up to 99 intervals and clip it to your shorts or pants. No need to monitor time or remember numbers! 

Location: You can do the run/walk sets on the treadmill or outside. We suggest and encourage as much outside activity as possible because it’s inspiring, invigorating and it most accurately reflects race and real-world conditions. Stick to flat terrain for the first few weeks and add in hills once you are comfortable running for 10 minutes at a time.

We are leading group runs every Saturday at FitRight NW in Northwest Portland at 9am leading up to the Shamrock Run. We lead a run/walk group for those looking to run the 5k race. You get a coach and a group of fun women to run with!

Monday Motivation - Running in the Rain

by Meghan Reynolds

I moved to a rainy city and kept telling myself that I was prepared for the rain - I've got the gear, the dedication and races scheduled. Then, the rain didn't come. It was a pretty dry November, December and January. Sure, it was cold, but I was use to that coming from the Northeast. Suddenly, the Portland rain is here and I'm having to actually run in the rain. I realized that I'm not that prepared for constant running in the rain and I'm having to give myself pep talks to get out there and run. It's really easy to say you are okay with the rain but getting out there 3-5 times a week when it is raining is WAY different!

Meeting up with friends is helping and what I do love about Portland is that people actually do run in the rain. In NYC, it was really only the most dedicated runners who ventured outside in the rain. Here, it's everyone. This Saturday morning, Jessica and I coached a group of runners from adidas who are training for the Shamrock Race on March 16th. I got up, looked out the window and thought, "this sucks, it's raining". Despite that, I got ready to go, sure that no one would show up. I was wrong! 7 women, mostly beginners, showed up to run. It ended up being an awesome, fun run despite the cold and constant rain.

After the run, after I showered and after I finally got warm again, a rainbow came out and Portland was green and beautiful once again. It's easy to assume you are ready and prepared for different situations.   I'm not as prepared for the rain as I thought and will have to work on changing up my attitude because I have months of running in the rain ahead of me.

Here are a few ways I'm making sure that I continue to run all winter long and through the rain:

1) Signing up with a run group and meeting them every Saturday morning

2) Doing fun runs like the Fitness Dash with Athleta.

3) Committing to Pilates and barre classes at least one time a week so if I don't run, I still get a workout in.