Marathon Training - Week 8 = Speed


Half way through marathon training and I'm feeling good. This week was all about speed and yoga. Since I'm on a bit of a vacation until my new job starts at the end of August, I'm using my days off to check out yoga classes and get everything ready to move.

On Monday I did an easy morning run along the waterfront with Liz. I then did an easy yoga class at Core Power Yoga. I felt great after the yoga class. As you all know, my hamstrings are really tight and finally getting into a yoga class showed me just how tight - I could barely get my fingertips to the floor! I had to bend my knees a lot. This is unusual for me; I use to be able to get my palms flat on the floor.

Tuesday, Jessica and I met for a track workout. We did 6x800s. It was hot but a great workout. I completed all of them in my pace zone. It was tough but I did it. Jessica did a cruise workout and stayed behind me which was great because I got coaching and she gave me some insights into how I run repeats.

Wednesday was my cross training day and I did 2 yoga classes. It was great and I felt so much better when I woke up on Thursday morning. My hamstrings were sore but not tight. I did an easy run to Grant Park where I babysat Lucia while Jessica coached. We are working on getting Lucia to run (just kidding, she's working on walking first!)

Friday was my race pace run. We did 6 miles at 7:30ish pace. It was a tough workout. I'm planning on doing 3 more before the marathon, building up to 12 miles at race pace. My race pace is going to be a hard one for me - it's a bit of a stretch. Saturday was yoga and Sunday was a 4 mile run with 2 miles at race pace thrown in - just for the hell of it.

On to week #9!