Happy National Running Day

By Jessica Green

Since 2009, the first Wednesday in June has been declared National Running Day. With the purpose behind the national call out being an opportunity for runners everywhere to "declare their passion for running." As a "passionate" runner myself, you can guarantee I'll be out there today declaring my passion and celebrating my relationship with the sport and love for hill running by participating in a trail race that's part of the Portland Trail Series.  

As a coach, it's our clients who continue to inspire me day in and day out and remind me that there a million and one ways to be passionate about running. As a result, I'd like to take this day to celebrate each and every one of our clients' accomplishments, however big and small. For some it's just getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other while others have PR'd marathons and overcome major injuries.  Whatever it is, each success is driven by some type of passion for running and we are so honored to be a part of it! 

So, today (and every day), remember that running can be a social outlet or a solitary, restorative activity. It can be the hardest thing you'll ever do or a nice casual break from the daily grind. Running encourages weight loss, a healthy mind, and personal accomplishments at any age. Running connects you with nature or the city you live within or are visiting. A run sweats out the toxins you consumed the day before and it's an excuse to walk around in workout clothes for half the day. Running makes us stronger and gives us that sore feeling we've learned to love. Running is whatever you decide you want it to be. Now is the time to define exactly what that is  . . . or is it? You decide! Either way, get out and run today . . . and don't forget your strength work!