All Runs Are Not Great


Not every run is going to be a great one. To be honest, some runs just plain suck - you are tired, your legs are sore, it's rainy, it's windy, it's too hot, etc. The good news - it's okay! The bad runs help us realize how awesome a great run feels. It's also a sign that you are over training and your body needs to rest.

If you are scheduled to run and one of the above applies, first figure out if the run is going to cause you pain. If so, it might be best to skip it; if you are just generally lethargic and using the weather as an excuse, lace up those sneakers and go! The easy run might be what you need to snap out of a funk.

Here are my tips for getting through a not-so-great run:

1. Put on some good music - music is a huge motivator and can help to distract you.

2. Enjoy the scenery - look up and see where you are running.

3. Slow down - you don't have to run hard or fast. Take it easy.

4. Phone a friend - have a friend meet you for a social run.

5. Stop and walk - if the run really isn't happening, don't force it. Sometimes, a run just isn't what your body needs.