Monday Motivation - Spring Forward



We lost an hour yesterday but we are gaining more daylight overall. This is a great time to reset, check in on your goals or set new goals. Now that it is lighter for longer after work, I'm heading back to the trails and running in Forest Park 2x a week. My goal is to run a fast half-marathon so the trails will give me the hill work and endurance work that I need to build up my leg strength and the trails are great for a new vantage point. 

When setting goals, remember to make the SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Creating your goals within this framework helps you narrow down your dreams and aspriations and really figure out what is possible and by when. 

Here is a typical goal that we see from our friends and clients: "I want to run a fast or faster half-marathon."

That's a great goal but what does it mean? Which half-marathon? How fast? How fast was your last race? Our questions encourage people to think about what they want and by when.

If you make your goals, SMART goals, the above goal would look like this: "I run a 1:45 half-marathon by July 2014."

Need help setting goals? Email us - we're happy to help!