Motivation Monday - Night Running

Yesterday was the first day the time change really hit me. I went into yoga class in daylight, at 3:50pm, and left in darkness, a little after 5pm. I felt like going to bed immediately and it reminded me how vital it is to be seen by drivers. It was really hard to see people, in black jackets, crossing the roads. It's even harder and scarier when it's a runner - who is moving much more quickly than pedestrians.

I'm not the best in the morning, thus, i prefer to run in the evenings. It helps clear my head and reduces the stress from the day. However, now that it's dark at 5pm, I need to dig out my reflective gear so I am safe while running through the streets. I recommend wearing reflective gear and a flashing tail light. We have a Nike hat that is crazy reflective (but not warm) and a jacket with a reflective area on the front and back. We also have running tights from lululemon athletica with reflective areas on the legs. One piece that I've recently added is a flashing tail light (kinda like a light you'd see on a bike). I have to cross a lot of streets to get to the trail that I like and I don't want to take any chances. The reflective gear and the tail light combined with me being more aware (not listening to music) ensures that I am safe while runing in the dark.

Most major running brands offer reflective clothing. They are expensive however. If you don't want to make that type of investment, consider a running reflective vest. You can put it over any top or jacket and be seen up to 1200+ at night.

Enjoy the night runs and be safe!