Interview with a Runner - Meghan's Dad

Our dad's have inspired us in so many ways. This week, we are featuring Meghan's dad, Joe Reynolds. He announced that he was going to take up running again this past May and committed to follow our soon-to-be released beginners program. He's 70, a retired Brooklyn native, tells the best stories, follows our "talk-test" to a T and loves woodworking.

When did you start running?
I initially started running when I was a kid in 1954 after Roger Bannister broke the 4 min mile record. I went out and ran a mile on a track. I only had a watch at the time (not a stop watch). I think i did it in 10 minutes and I was exhausted. I've run on and off over the years since then. Meghan was the reason I started running this summer, after a very long hiatus.

Who inspired you to run?
Roger Bannister and, more recently, Meghan.

What is your favorite running route? Why?
I used to run to the Reservoir in Central Park from my place in the Upper East Side. I'd run the loop and then head home before work. I used to see Jackie O and her bodyguards in the mornings. I loved being in Central Park.

Favorite post-run meal?
English muffin with red pepper jelly and club soda. I'd really like to drink 2-3 tall boys but i just can't do that anymore, especially since I run in the morning - that would really throw my whole day off. (Meghan is just shaking her head).

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
The advice Meghan gave me - to keep my body forward and pump my arms. Every time I feel a little tired or awkward, I lean forward and pump my arms and I get my rhythm back.

Who would you love to run with and why?
My father in law who is now 92 and not a runner anymore but was very active. He grew up in Boston and has stories about the Boston Marathon when only 70 people ran it. He's a talker so it would be fun to shoot the sh*t with him during a run.

Are you running for fun or sport? 
Fun...and to look really good at my nephew's wedding.

Favorite way to sweat other than run?
Working out in the garage, making benches and wood working projects (he made our logo into a 3d wooden image!)...and all the "honey-do" projects that your mother has me do.