How to Foam Roll your Piriformis

Tight butt? Loosen it up by foam rolling your piriformis. Your piriformis is a narrow muscle that lies underneath your larger glutes in your butt. This muscle helps you run and rotate your hip. When the piriformis tightens up, runners will experience a deep, aching pain in the butt sometimes radiating into the thigh, leg and lower back. Because the gluteal muscles get tight and contracted especially after running, it’s important to release the tension with foam rolling.


How to Foam Roll the Piriformis
1. Start by sitting on top of the foam roller with the roll positioned on the back of the hip.
2. Cross one foot to the opposite knee, and lean into the hip of the crossed leg.
3. Slowly roll on the posterior hip area to find the tender spot.
4. Hold the spot for a few deep breaths (until discomfort is reduced).