Win a Gymboss!

Get your sweat on with a Gymboss timer! It's great for interval workouts and beginner runners who are implementing a run/walk program.

A Gymboss is a small repeating interval timer that allows you to focus on your workout instead of constantly looking at and fumbling with a stop watch or timer on your cell phone. Set one or two interval times (5 minutes (run) and 2 minutes (walk), for example) and it will run them in succession. At the end of each interval, it will beep and/or vibrate; you can adjust the volume and the alarm duration (1, 5, 10 seconds). If you listen to music while working out, you can set it to vibrate - a huge advantage over a stop watch. We like the Gymboss because it's easy to use, clips to your pants or jacket, it's small and it's water and shock resistant (we've dropped ours A LOT!).

Want one?? Of course you do! Enter our contest below to win one for yourself. We will randomly select a winner on April 18th. Good luck!

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