Taking on the Ultra

One of our own has flown the coup and headed off to the Pacific Northwest to run the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  But here's the catch - Meghan's team is taking on the 190 miles through Washington State with only five other teammates rather than eleven.  Yep, one van, five runners and a whole lotta miles!  Follow Meghan and the rest of her team (appropriately named, "Where's the Other 6 (pack)?") on twitter as they make their way from the Canadian border, along the coast and over Deception Pass and ending at Whidbey Island.  Must be nice to be out of the east coast humidity!!!

Pic 1:  Where's the other 6 (pack)? at the start of Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage - wonder if they'll look this good tomorrow morning at the finish line?!

Pic 2:  Representing our lulus while she's out there! We miss you, Meghan!