Anatomy of a Long Run

During an afternoon long run last week I committed to paying close attention to my body and thoughts mile-by-mile. I was slated for 12 this weekend and planned on running on Friday at 9:30am with Jessica. Unfortunately, business/phone calls got in the way until 4pm. Knowing that running over the weekend was going to be difficult because of my work schedule, I took Nike's approached and decided to "just do it".

I laced up my sneaks, put on my brightest lululemon gear (purple crops and an orange top), downloaded a few new songs (Please Don't Go by Mike Posner) and headed out the door by 4:45pm. This isn't my typical approach to a longer run. I usually run first thing in the morning so I paid attention to what I was thinking and how I felt during the run.

Here's the breakdown, aka 'anatomy', of my run:

Mile 1 - perfect weather, happy to be running
Mile 2 - feet hurt a bit; was this the best idea after sitting all day??
Mile 3 - checking out Red Hook; finally in the groove; fastest mile of the run
Mile 4 - catching the wind at the Brooklyn Bridge Park; pushed through with my new tracks!
Mile 5 - running through Dumbo; a bit slower b/c I took the scenic route down the cobble stone streets. Body is feeling good and strong.
Mile 6 - heading onto Flushing Ave; psyched to be half way done!
Mile 7- decided to turn around, mentally couldn't handle the view along Flushing anymore! Stayed exactly on pace for mile 6&7=happy!
Mile 8 - starting to feel my old nagging knee injury. Slowed down a bit to see what happens....
Mile 9 - slight uphill for 1/4 mile + knee pain, ugh...feeling this run; am I going to make it?
Mile 10 - stopped for water at BK Bridge Park & stretched out my legs. The break was just what I needed; got back on pace & felt strong.
Mile 11 - Finished up the park, a little beat up after a fast 10th and 11th mile; ran up the hill and decided to stop at 11.5.
End - 11.5, feeling happy and without knee pain. Solid days work: 1:37 for 11.5 miles =8:30 pace

While I didn't achieve my mileage goal, I achieved my goal of paying attention (and honoring) my body. Not all runs go as planned so breath deeply and enjoy the moment (or miles)!