Bathing Suit for Running - Part 2 - Class Recommendation

Last Thursday I took the plunge into deep water running.  I highly recommend for everyone else to do the same.  Check out Robert Valentin's Blue Ocean Swimming classes on Wednesday and Thursday nights  in midtown Manhattan at the pool in St. Bartholomew's Church located at 109 East 50th Street (between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue).  Robert is an excellent instructor who keeps you entertained and your workout honest the entire time.

Classes are an amazing cross training option for anyone interested in an intense cardio workout that requires you to "run" in the deep end of the pool for an entire hour engaging your core while you try not to drown.  It's a perfect workout for injured and non-injured runners, expecting moms, and fitness gurus.   I'll be there every Thursday or Wednesday this month! Come join me!

A special thanks to Nike and Vip.Zappos for the overnight express shipment of my new pool workout bathing suit top and bottom!