Holiday Eating - A Recipe to be Thankful For

Start a new food tradition this Thanksgiving with our families' absolute favorite recipe at any family gathering, whether it's Thanksgiving weekend, football Sunday or even cocktail hour at my wedding.

Inspired by Deacon's story about his grandmother's cooking in his guest post yesterday, Holiday Eating, I've included the best recipe, hands down, for the perfect appetizer this weekend  . . . Spinach Balls!  Seriously, family and friends will fight over who gets the last one and hover near the oven when the timer is about to go off for subsequent batches.  Click on the image below to enlarge. 

Look for the brand name ingredients listed in the recipe card below when shopping and make sure to squeeze all of the liquid out of the spinach in the first step.  Too much liquid prevents the balls from sticking together and creates a soggy inside.  Because the spinach is a bit cold, recruit some helping hands to take shifts squeezing.  Then gather around a table and start rolling . . . and don't be shy on the cheese covering the outside.

Finally, for best results, I recommend cooking baking them until the cheese on the outside turns a nice golden brown.  Almost like you're roasting a marshmallow - perfectly brown on the outside and warm and delicious when you bite into it.   Also, don't forget to double your recipe because you don't want unhappy mouths on Thanksgiving.

Happy Turkey Weekend!