I'm a Girl . . . I'm Going to Run

"I wasn’t masquerading as a male . . . I was what I was. I’m a girl, I have a skirt, my hair is done, I have lipstick on and I’m going to run.”
- Dr. Julia Chase-Brand 

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A recent New York Times article tells an incredible story about a woman, Dr. Julia Chase-Brand, who refused to accept our nation's view that road races are men's only events and the ban on women's official participation in these races 50 years ago.


Embracing her femininity combined with her athletic ability, Chase-Brand paved the way for women runners today when she competed (and beat several men) in the Manchester Road Race in 1961, despite the American Athletic Union ban on women's participation.

Read the full article, "A Leading Pioneer" for an inspirational story, and reminder to honor those responsible, both men and women, for the evolution of women's running the next time you line up at the start of a road race or receive support along the way.