Corporate wellness, charity, and group programs

Invest in wellness, productivity and fun. Our programs are designed to bring your team together, get them fit and have fun. To us, there’s nothing more motivating than running with friends and working together to achieve goals. 

Below is a sampling of some of the programs we offer. We are happy to work with you and your group goals to design a program that fits what you’re looking for. Contact us today for pricing and to get started.

GET FOCUSED SERIES:  Get focused and improve speed, form and the ability to run longer and faster before feeling fatigued in an multi-week speed series. The series includes weekly, coached speed workouts involving high-intensity speed intervals, tempo intervals, or form drills.

BREAKTHROUGH BEGINNER SERIES:  Discover simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle with a multi-week run/walk wellness education series.  During this series coaches help you establish a regular weekly routine involving healthy physical activity in a simple, informative and supportive approach.  

NEW MOMS 10K GROUP PROGRAM:  It’s not easy getting back out there after having a baby whether you delivered 6 weeks ago or 2 years ago. With the support of coaches and other moms, rediscover the runner in you.  A multi-week series with weekly group workouts, customized training plans for each group member and a final local race at the end.  

CHARITY TRAINING PROGRAMS:  Connecting to a cause takes our love of running to an even deeper level. We offer virtual training options (customizable training plans, email access to coaches and weekly emails with training tips) for any race distance that charities are connected with.  We also offer coached group sessions in New York City and Portland, Oregon. 

* In person coaching offered in New York City and Portland, Oregon. Virtual training programs are available anywhere. 

The training plans were super easy to follow and kept it interesting with a variety of runs and cross training. I felt so supported from the moment I decided to tackle NYC to the moment I crossed the finish line. This was my second marathon . . . and I wound up taking an hour off my marathon time!
— Ann MacDonald, Team Fox, NYC Marathon