how to properly fuel your body for exercise

Nutrition For Base Training: Cleaning Up Your Diet

By Caitlin Grams

There are so many factors that go into getting your body ready for a race. Training is all about preparation: getting your mind and body in prime condition to have the best possible outcome on race day. Getting your body ready to race is about more than just getting your legs in shape - in order to perform at your peak, nutrition is equally as important as your workouts. Not only will you ensure that you are properly fueling your body by cleaning up your diet, but your stomach will thank you - and any runner can tell you that keeping your stomach happy is key to a great race. 
Here are a few tips for cleaning up your diet during base training:
*Limit sugar. So many of us know that sugar is bad for us but we eat it anyway. Why limit sugar intake? Here are just a few good reasons: it is high in calories but low in nutritional benefits, it can lead to excess weight gain, it suppresses the immune system and can cause inflammation as well as surges and drops in energy (sugar crash anyone?)  - need i say more?
*Avoid excess dairy and high fat foods. These are two enemies of healthy digestion - most people don't tolerate dairy well, and foods that are high in fat are also difficult to digest -  which can lead to all kinds of stomach issues. Stick to lean proteins, green veggies and whole grains and your stomach will thank you. 
*Up your veggie intake. Vegetables keep your digestive system running smoothly, provide essential nutrients, calcium, and support immune function, among many other benefits.