Interview with a Runner

This week's runner is Terence Gerchberg who lives in NYC (Chelsea to be precise). Terence is one of those people you always want on a run with you, because he'll entertain you for hours. From stories of his time on wall street, to being on the show The Amazing Race, to his Guiness Book of World Record title to what happened to him the other day, "T", aka "Coach Amazing", is someone who keeps us laughing, reminds us to always have fun and pushes us to run faster. He coaches for Team Terrier and is the Union Square lululemon running ambassador.

When did you start running and why?
I really started running in 2002 while I was in a gambling rehab center in downtown Baltimore. My buddy called me to tell me that we both got into the NYC Marathon. Since I was changing my life & not taking shortcuts I figured I should if I was changing my life & I need to train & do it correctly.

What is your favorite running route? Why?
Anything near water. I'd have to say the West Side Highway (WSH) around SUNSET!!! It is the perfect 4-7 miles. I've ran there more than any other place in the world. It really never gets old or boring. If I want 15 miles, George Washington Bridge & back. A great 13 miles, up to 59th St. then to Central Park (CP), one full loop of CP, then back down the WSH.

Favorite post-run meal?
Anything vegan & yummy :). If it's an early morning run, I make awesome steal-cut oatmeal with raisins, bananas, blueberries (sometimes), walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Maca, honey (I know, not vegan - it's from my beekeeper hippie friends Anita & Arthur from Oregon).

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
Put one foot in front of the other & repeat.

Are you running for fun or sport? 
I run for more reasons than you can list.

Who inspires you to run?
Everyone, young & old. Kids, they make it look so easy, fun, & effortless. People that can't run, I want show them that they too can run. Disabled people they remind me how able I am & to be grateful for what I've got & they show me just how able they really are.

Who would you love to run with and why?
I've ran with many of the people that I've wanted to. This list changes based on who is inspiring me. These people that are still alive = Frank Shorter & Kilian Jornet. No longer with us = Pre Steve Prefontaine.

Favorite way to sweat other than run?
Yoga lately, I want to be more flexible. Bikram Yoga is instant sweat. I like biking too.